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Swimming Pool Treatment

Swimming Pool Treatment Options

In most pools, the go-to treatment for keeping the water clean or eliminating microbes was once chlorine. However, many people find that chlorine is too drying or irritating to the skin and eyes. This leads pool owners to look for alternatives for swimming pool treatment. One such treatment, available from Lega Middle East, is Afalin-D, which is a hydrogen peroxide-based treatment.

It accomplishes the same things that standard pool chlorine does. It kills a wide variety of microbes and can be used for standard disinfection or to clear water that is already showing signs of heavy algae growth. Due to its content, Afalin-D is an eco-friendly disinfection solution, as it leaves no byproducts and decomposes to water and oxygen. 

This product is odorless; making it especially good for use in areas where a strong chemical odor is unwanted. Public fountains and geysers are often treated by Afalin-D. Swimming pools of various types also respond well to it, and this is where it is valued for being more compatible with human skin.

As an alternative solution for Chlorine free swimming pools, we also offer Duoxide-C, which is a two-component solution of Chlorine Dioxide. Despite its chemical name, it is very different from traditional, irritating Chlorine. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is now universally recognized as one of the most effective biocidal agents available for a wide range of industrial and domestic water treatment applications. It is also a very cost-effective solution for commercial swimming pools, being much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than any other chemicals. For commercial swimming pool application, it can be dosed and monitored by a Chlorine Dioxide generator. For smaller private pools, our Duoxide-C can be dosed by mixing two components and applying the solution manually. 

Both chlorine dioxide and Afalin-D are available in a wide range of package sizes. This makes it easy for everyone ranging from private pool owners to big commercial size pools to get enough to meet their needs. You can obtain these products easily and reliably when you work with Lega Middle East.

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