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Peracetic Acid: Home & Personal


PeraShock® is known to be highly effective for biocidal applications in the food & beverage industry.

 It is used to disinfect or sterilize equipment, surfaces, tanks, pipes and plastic bottles.

It is a standard procedure to use PAA in CIP- or SIP- installations in food & beverage processing applications, as a cleaning or sterilization agent.

Cleaning & disinfection are part of fixed regulations. Every single procedure is designed to meet the strict hygiene rules.


There are so many types of products which are packed in plastic bottles made of PET or PE in food & beverage industry.  Juices, soft drinks, tea and liquid dairy products processing needs to have perfect hygienic conditions during the packaging process to provide a long shelf life.

Sterilizing the packaging material with peracetic acid solutions or vapor in the rinsing step of the bottle filling line is used for aseptic cold filling to protect beverages along the production chain.

In the meat production industry, antimicrobials such as chlorine and peracetic acid have been shown to be very effective at reducing

pathogen levels if applied directly to the meat, and in the U.S., they are now being used for direct intervention.

Peracetic Acid is highly effective in very low concentrations even at low temperatures and/or in presence of organic impurities. Applications include general surface and equipment disinfection, treatment of water supply systems and thermal fogging. It is also used as a surface disinfectant to clean and disinfect the surfaces to avoid diseases in livestock. The diluted solution is applied by mechanical sprayers or pressure washers. As the water systems usually contain bacteria, our PeraShock® cleans the system and eliminates growth of bacteria.

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