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Aerosol Disinfectant

Professional Grade Aerosol Disinfectant Works Without Contaminating Surfaces

Spray disinfectant isn't just for quick household jobs. Lega Middle East's nano silver hydrogen peroxide, LegaSilver HP, is suitable for a wide variety of disinfection tasks. It is often used to decontaminate surfaces, and is spread through the use of industrial-style sprayers instead of handheld cans. This, however, isn't what makes it special.

The most unique aspect of this aerosol disinfectant is that it includes nano silver stabilizer. Silver is known to be antimicrobial in its own right, and when combined with hydrogen peroxide, the resulting solution packs a punch stronger than either ingredient on its own. Despite this, it leaves no toxic residues. Instead, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into harmless water and oxygen. Meanwhile, the silver causes no harm to non-microbial life.

Thanks to the stabilizer, Legasilver HP can be used to disinfect more surface area than is typically possible. Along with non-porous surfaces, it can eliminate microbes from soil, air, and even water. It is used in many industries, including food preparation, dairy farming, other agricultural businesses, hospitals, and more.

This aerosol disinfectant is as convenient as it is effective. It needs no heat to do its job, which makes it great for field use and for use on items that can't handle high temperatures. No rinsing is required either, so it's a quick solution for decontamination projects. Finally, it's stable across a wide range of pH levels and temperatures.

Legasilver HP is available in amounts ranging from 25 liters all the way up to large IBC tanks. This makes it easy for use from everything from water treatment solutions down to professional room sanitation. Order from Lega Middle East today to get a disinfecting solution you can rely on.

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