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Peracetic Acid

What is Peracetic Acid Used For?

The primary purpose of peracetic acid is the sterilization of certain types of medical and dental equipment. This equipment is exposed to biological contamination, and it needs to be sterilized between each use. Typically, the acid is used on things that can't be treated with high heat, such as endoscopic tubing. Other types of tubing, such as the type that attaches to certain dental instruments, are treated with peracetic acid as well.

This method of sterilization was developed in 1988 as it became known that previous methods weren't as effective as hoped. Now, it has had plenty of time to be perfected so that good results will be obtained when proper procedures are followed. This is especially true of the acid products offered by us at Lega Middle East.

Peracetic acid is shipped in single-use containers, so there is no need to worry about it losing efficacy over time. When it's time to sterilize something, the container is punctured to open it. Then, the sterilization cycle is started. An anticorrosive agent is included in the same container so that the medical equipment isn't damaged by the acid.

Another sterilizing agent, hydrogen peroxide, is used for a wide variety of medical and non-medical applications. One of these is the bleaching of fabric, which makes it very important to the textile industry. It can also be used as part of the hair bleaching process. General cleaning products use it, as well.

In industry, hydrogen peroxide is often used to facilitate reactions. It can oxygenate substances, work in catalysts, and be an agent for epoxidation, among other things. Despite hydrogen peroxide's versatility, it is not always the best agent for every use. Those responsible for sterilization processes must be sure to use the more-specialized disinfectants when they are called for.

Whatever chemical products you are in need of, you should always work with us at Lega Middle East. Our quality control and customer service makes us an excellent business partner and provider.

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